Hearty, sharply played Gypsy show music from Eastern Europe

The Cornflowers (Vasilyochki)

by Zina Pavlova – on the album “Sing Gypsy!”

Our tour of 11edaab6401aa000840e8a2e441dd70bcffb3ca1 the ‘forgotten fifth’ of unplayed tunes on Spotify continues with more from Eastern Europe, in the form of nicely performed and recorded gypsy and gypsy influenced music from the Slavic lands, as sung heartily by the full-throated Zina Pavlova.

There are elements of polka and other European pop forms mixed in here — this is not insider gypsy music — this is show stuff, but performed with plenty of enthusiasm and sharp professionalism.

Jaunty, tuba and squeezebox-driven Alpine music… just add beer hall

Ich ha nume Bock

by Vic Eugster – on the album “Herz isch Trumpf”

1c579ba71049551eeb72ecc65d5afdc55105fce7This is an eye-opener for morning play. A bouncy, tuba and squeebox-driven Alpine drinking song. At least, I’m guessing it’s a drinking song. Almost impossible to hear the jaunty sway of the music and not visualize a long wooden table full of cheery Germanic folk waving their giant beer flagons in time with the music.

We were delivered to the second track on this album, seeming to indicate a brief touchdown in the record by an earlier listener. We were greedy and listened to two songs.

But the fourth song is waiting for the next adventurous listener…