UK Dixieland from Harry Gold and His Pieces of Eight

There’ll be Some Changes Made

by Harry Gold and His Pieces of Eight – on the album “Parade of the Pieces”


Often energetic, always lovingly played, this instrumental and vocal swing and hot jazz collection from a top musician of the pre-war period of the 1930s in Britain, here with his own band, the Pieces of Eight, in the 10 tracks I listened to, often shows a winning, raw vibrancy, but on slower cuts sometimes seems just a big vague. There are some fine reed men dueling with the sax-wielding leader, as well. The best of this swings nicely and has some very tasty solo work from a variety of players.

A note: Forgotify had delivered me deep in the album, indicating someone had listened to the first 20 songs of the album; I listened to the remaining 8, and then the player wrapped back around to track number one, a vocal rendition of the hot-jazz classic, “Darktown Strutter’s Ball” with an un-credited (at least in this package) female vocalist. I have to say, without, I hope, being unkind to the vocalist in question, that it was not the best reading of the song I’ve heard. Since that track may be the first thing that the curious hear, here, I just thought I ought to catch up with that item.

The very next track, though, an eye-rolling, music hall style reading of “I Love of Mystery” — with some decidedly Spike Jonesian touches — was quite winning.