Is Big Music trying to re-fight battles it’s already lost?

As Universal and Sony gear up to try a dual front attack on Spotify and other ‘freemium’ music streams services, some industry observers think Big Music is just heading back into another bruising fight over money and control over public access to music and the music industries access to the public.

Some indie musicians find themselves increasingly sympathetic to the enhanced discovery options that flow from such ‘freemium’ business models that let interested consumers discover music outside the heavy promotion the old line industry must use to continue selling its cookie-cutter product to pliant consumers.

Quartz: The music industry wants to fight the internet again—and it’s probably going to lose

Forgotify… the Don Quixote of social music

About 20% of the music on social media streaming site, Spotify, has never been played by a single visitor — about four million songs.

Now a new web service, Forgotify, has stepped into the breach to try to change that.

Check out our new sub-blog, The Forgotify Files, an exploration of the heretofore unheard music being dished up, a track at a time, to the curious, the brave, and the desperate-for-new-music by what we’ve dubbed the Don Quioxte of social music.