Haydn: Piano Sonata in C, H.XVI No.35 – 2. Adagio

Haydn: Piano Sonata in C, H.XVI No.35 – 2. Adagio

by Haydn, Franz Joseph – on the album “Haydn: The Piano Sonatas/Variations/The Seven Last Words”

Finding great music that’s never been played before on Spotify… it’s fun at first… then it becomes kind of depressing.

Let’s just say you find a lot of music by incredible musicians past and present  that’s never been played… actually, in fact, it looks like most of the world’s insipid, insulting, and annoying music has already been played to death on Spot. You’re not going to run into any Katy Perry or Bruno Mars through Forgotify.

But you will have a chance to hear sublime music like Haydn’s piano concertos played by skilled virtuosi from around the world.

Here’s to forgotten genius!

Spotify will not go to Russia…

Spotify began making formal arrangements to launch its subscription and ad-driven streaming music services in Russia back in January of 2014, expecting to be open for business in October. But Russia’s invasion of eastern Ukraine, which has sparked a conflict resulting in thousands of deaths and has been met with steep economic sanctions from western democracies (in lieu of direct military action), has plunged Russia into economic near-chaos and prompted strongman leader Vladimir Putin to clamp down ever farther on Russian civil liberties and Internet freedoms. Putin, himself, calls the Internet a CIA plot and has enacted laws attempting to assure the Russian security apparatus’ continuing access to social media use by Russians.

UK’s Independent:  Spotify cancels launch in Russia for the ‘foreseeable future’