Forgotten Cosi fan tutte

Così fan tutte, K.588, Act II, Scene Three: Recitativo: Ah poveretto me, cosa ho veduto! (Guglielmo/Don Alfonso/Ferrando)

6029f835512238b2a9abd675d7a6023326beb15aby Luigi Alva/Sir Geraint Evans/Hans Sotin/New Philharmonia Orchestra/Otto Klemperer – on the album “Mozart: Così an tutte”

This 1979 release drips with big budget, big talent class. Which, of course, makes it the more poignant that this is the first time this part of that opera has been streamed from its home on Spotify.(Hey, at least someone or ones got as far as Act II, Scene 2. And, let’s face it, even an opera fan — which this writer, perhaps sadly, is not — might not be ready to listen to an entire Mozart opera at the drop of a lucky Forgotify click.

I keep searching for lessons as I find one first class, top flight production after another languishing unheard on Spotify. Scores, hundreds of people poured heart and soul — not to mention plenty of money into the performances captured on this album. And anyone could listen to it, for free. Yet, until Forgotify pulled it from the ‘forgotten fifth,’ no one had.