English polka?

Polka: On The Green

by Billy Bennington – on the album “English Country Music From East Anglia”

f5faf7b0bb6b5a88a8d2aff149ecc46e556338d5It’s been more than a few days now since I’ve been delivered to the first track on a ‘Forgotify album’… I wonder if this means a big uptake in plays of the ‘Forgotten Fifth’ spurred by the cult popularity of Forgotify. We hope we’ve done our small part.

This track is pretty much unlike any polka arrangement I’ve heard. “Polka: On the Green” appears to have been played on a harp or zither.

The album’s collection of solos and duos continues with down home charm as a series of harpists, concertinists, and harmonicists play what we might assume are traditional country pub favorites.

No pennywhistle so far — but plenty of real, down home English country charm.

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