Not what I was expecting… microtonal singing, balalaikas, and an ocean of reverb

BaSa Gelmeyen Olmaz

by Bestekar Salihi – on the album “Liseli Sevdigim”

1ba0c012bf9cebda6381fb63f0213d0b3185cc4dFrom the bland, modern cover I was somehow expecting maybe some polite, contemporary jazz.

What I got was wild, wooly, deeply reverbed Turkish (I think, info in English on this artist proved hard to find — certainly he seems to be based in Turkey) balalaika pop, with the husky voiced singer weaving microtonal melodies through a wilderness of hissy, indistinct overdubs drowned in reverb…

That might not sound all that cool, I dunno. But I find it as oddly compelling as a taxi ride through the outskirts of Istanbul… in fact, this collection, for me, evokes an imagined transistor radio swinging by a hand strap from the mirror of such a taxi as the utterly exotic and strangely distant music sways in the listener’s mind.

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