Content Is King: McHenry Bros short feature shot on mobile phone


Some of us, especially in the recording/studio sector, spend a lot of time arguing about sometimes very small differences in characteristics between competing bits of kit…

Some argue about what the most important element of the signal chain is — but many of us will argue that in a signal chain, every element of the chain is important.

But, what if, in an otherwise top-level project, one takes just one of those vital elements — one where there can be a wide range of quality — and substitutes a really cheap piece of gear for an element where that quality is considered crucial?

That’s what Nokia did to demonstrate the video quality in the built in cam on their new N8 smartphones, hiring the McHenry brothers to create a seven and a half minute, high production quality video shot entirely on a mobile phone. (Post-production, I think it’s safe to say, was not done in the phone.)

[I have no connection with Nokia, business, consumer, or otherwise. I use a Blackberry.]